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At Calabasas Dental Spa, we offer different types of teeth whitening to remove coffee, wine, food and other stains, restoring your teeth to their original tooth color or even enhancing their whiteness for a brilliant smile. Our Quick Zoom Pro whitening system delivers walk-out results with no sensitivity. For more dramatic improvements and especially for deeply stained teeth, we use a product called ZOOM™, an in-office LED teeth whitening process that can whiten your teeth up to 6-10 shades in about one hour.


At Calabasas Dental Spa, we were one of the first to embrace Invisalign® clear therapy, nearly invisible teeth aligners. We’re experts in this advanced technology that gradually and gently shifts your teeth into the proper place. Invisalign® is a very predictable system that allows you to see how your teeth will look once the treatment is completed.

And just as important, your entire bite is improved giving you the best chance to protect your teeth, prevent gum recession and bone loss, reduce the need for root canals, and more. It’s a significantly better treatment than these do-it-at-home solutions that provide very little professional application and supervision from a properly trained and experienced dentist.

Also, new studies confirm that by expanding the dental arches during the Invisalign® treatment, we can successfully eliminate snoring and treat Sleep Apnea as well.

Calabasas Dental Spa is also a digital impressions practice using the 3D iTero® Element Intraoral Scanner that eliminates the need for messy impressions.


This simple and inexpensive alternative treatment is a way to simply correct cracked teeth, reduce gaps between your teeth, replace mercury fillings, or to cover up permanently stained or discolored teeth. This is a terrific solution for minor imperfections to help make your smile nearly perfect, expertly crafted by the experienced dental professionals at Calabasas Dental Spa.


Some people simply don’t like how their teeth look. And that’s why veneers, which are very thin ceramic shells designed to fit over your existing teeth, are often a great solution to enhance your appearance. For this treatment, experience and artistry really matter.

During your initial cosmetic consultation at Calabasas Dental Spa we will listen to your concerns and desires and we will create a plan for the design of your new smile. The plan will help us create a diagnostic model to achieve a complete smile makeover.

After you review and approve the design and the model, Calabasas Dental Spa can produce and place porcelain veneers to enhance or completely transform your smile in only a couple of visits. We also provide different, less invasive treatments to enhance your smile or deliver a full smile makeover.  We invite you to compare the quality, beauty and outcomes we provide at Calabasas Dental Spa.


Have you noticed that your smile is aging and those lines around your mouth get deeper? Now with Calabasas Dental Spa’s Smile Lift process, we can actually reduce the lines around your mouth and make your lips fuller for a more youthful and attractive look, without a surgical facelift and without collagen injections. We do that by lengthening or adding porcelain to the sides of your teeth so they are able to more effectively support your lips. They’ll look immediately fuller and your frown lines will virtually disappear.  Before treatment, we’ll provide you with a computer image considering the size and shape of your teeth, your facial characteristics, hair & eye color, and even your personality so you’ll have a good idea of how you’ll look.


Do you smile with your teeth hidden behind your lips? Are your teeth clean and white? Are they straight with no gaps? Are you missing a tooth or two? At Calabasas Dental Spa, we provide advanced dental cosmetic enhancement services for a brighter, more engaging, more attractive and more confident “you”.

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