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At Calabasas Dental Spa, we take an all-inclusive holistic approach to dental care. We understand that good dental health leads to better whole-body health, both physically, mentally and spiritually. When you feel better, you perform better. When you look better, you’re more confident and life is more fulfilling.



Digital x-rays have quickly become the standard of dental care. And while most dentists use only Xrays to detect cavities, at Calabasas Dental spa, we also use an infrared digital camera to check the status of the developmental grooves of the teeth and special software to check for cavities between the teeth. Early detection of cavities means that we can use minimally invasive, biomimetic restorations and save most of your healthy tooth.

Digital X-rays are also very useful to monitor bone health, check for impacted teeth, monitor jaw growth and development, and detect potential problems of the teeth, jaws and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). We are also able to discover abscesses of cysts, developmental abnormalities, and tumors that cannot be detected with visual examinations alone.


Gingivitis and Periodontitis are the most prevalent chronic diseases in adults. They are not only responsible for tooth loss, but a lot of studies categorically confirm that periodontal diseases are also responsible for Heart Disease, Diabetes, complications during pregnancy and low birth baby birth weight. The most recent published study states that the bacteria causing Gum Disease were also found in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s Disease.  This proves one more time that Oral-Systemic Connection is very real.

At Calabasas Dental Spa we offer a variety of dental hygiene services from preventative teeth cleaning to a non-surgical treatment like periodontal scaling and root planning (a deeper cleaning) to treat infection of the gums and bones.  We use ultrasound technology that is very gentle to your teeth and gums and makes your visits very comfortable. Using nonsurgical and pain-free state-of-the-art laser treatment protocols, we gently remove bacterial buildup between the teeth and under the gums.  Our laser gum treatment is used to eliminate bleeding gums by gently removing infected tissue.  It also stimulates growth of healthy gum tissue and helps eliminate deep pockets.

Fortunately, Gum Disease is largely preventable with daily brushing, flossing, and regular professional dental visits.  Your dentist and your hygienist are your most important allies in the early detection and treatment of Gum Disease.  Regular dental visits are essential for your overall health and well-being.


At Calabasas Dental Spa, our preventative dental health exams include an oral cancer screening.  We utilize the most advanced technology to monitor all patients for oral cancer.

Using ultraviolet light technology, we are able to more thoroughly inspect your mouth to help us detect most abnormalities and/or growths not otherwise visible.  Early detection leads to minimally invasive, infinitely less costly treatments…and of course, elimination of significantly greater and potentially irreversible problems.  This is not only true for higher risk smokers and heavy drinkers, but also for young people who are at higher risk for HPV.  For these patients especially, we recommend more frequent oral cancer screenings, at least twice a year.

Calabasas Dental Spa actively promotes early detection and treatment of dental problems.  We believe that this approach not only saves you time, money and discomfort…but it can actually save your life.

Oral health goes beyond your mouth.