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Inlays and onlays are partial crowns that can restore teeth damaged by a cavity, accidents or simply by wear and tear.Full crowns completely cover your cracked and/or discolored teeth to restore appearance and function. At Calabasas Dental Spa we provide each patient with a trough and personalized diagnosis. After the diagnosis, using Cerec, an advanced CAD CAM same-day technology, we provide custom fitted and custom color solutions to ensure your new crown fits properly and matches the rest of your teeth to enhance your smile.

We can also replace old, ill-fitting, under porcelain metal crowns with all bonded porcelain crowns in one visit. This is a very convenient upgrade service for busy professionals that don’t have time for multiple visits. With the one visit crown we also eliminate the need for temporary crowns & uncomfortable impressions, which expose your tooth to bacterial contamination.


Dental bridges are another way to replace missing teeth. It’s a process and product that anchors a new tooth (typically Zirconia) in between the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. This is a fairly common option, and in some cases the best solution to address a missing tooth replacement. More often, we’ll recommend a dental implant; but where appropriate, the team at Calabasas Dental Spa is very experienced with bridges as a missing tooth alternative treatment.


Full mouth reconstruction corrects imperfections of the bite, teeth position and function and enhances the appearance of your smile. For patients with severe occlusal and functional problems and also severe wear of their teeth Calabasas Dental Spa provides expert diagnoses and treatment plans to ensure healthy outcomes that will enhance your quality of life.

Not only you will have the best smile of your life but also it will prevent  or correct TMJ problems. In most cases our patients do not need the frequent visits to the chiropractor anymore because when we correct the bite, we correct many chronic neck and back problems. This is a truly holistic approach to dentistry and all of us at Calabasas Dental Spa believe that this is the only way we can provide our patients with a life changing experience.

We can restore broken teeth!

Ever take a bite of a nut or hard-shell candy and chip or break a tooth? Ever get hit in the mouth with a baseball or walk into a door or lamppost? Accidents happen, teeth decay, and sometimes you need restorative dentistry to fix broken teeth. At Calabasas Dental Spa, we offer a suite of technology assisted solutions that are fast, effective and affordable.


Have you ever been uncomfortable or nervous at the dentist when you need a filling? Most of us dread the sound of the dental drill.  If this applies to you, consider Calabasas Dental Spa’s Laser Dentistry Treatment. We provide less invasive dental procedures utilizing our Waterlase Laser from Biolase, the most advanced technology to assure your comfort and well-being.

Photo of a Waterlase Lazer for dental treatments.