Top 5 Benefits of Laser Gum Treatments – Part 1

Top 5 Benefits of Laser Gum Treatments – Part 1

Have you been diagnosed with Gum Disease, Gingivitis or Periodontitis? Has your dentist referred you to a specialist for treatment or offered surgery? If you have, you are probably concerned about the surgery, the pain, the recovery, the cost and are wondering if there is a better way for the treatment of Gum disease.

There is a better way, and you should consider it. It is called Laser Gum Treatment, and unlike conventional Gum surgery, this method is superior.

This minimally invasive procedure can offer many benefits for those struggling with gum disease. Here, the team at Calabasas Dental Spa will explore the top five benefits of laser gum treatment so that you can make an informed decision about your oral health!

Laser Gum Treatment is Safe and Effective

Laser gum treatment is relatively new, and it is the “best kept secret” for the treatment of periodontal disease. This treatment uses laser, light energy to remove the infected gum tissue, kills the bacteria causing the infection, and stimulates the underlying healthy tissue to grow new fibers. These new fibers reattach the gums to the teeth and eliminate the gum pockets.

The Laser gum treatment is gentle and effective. This treatment is usually painless and rarely requires anesthesia. It is a safe and effective procedure that can be used on people of all ages, including adolescents and children.

Laser gum treatment is becoming increasingly popular because it is a safe and effective way to treat Gum Disease. Doctor Baker was one of the early adopters of the procedure, and the first Dentist in Calabasas to offer it. She has over 20 years of experience using different lasers and has successfully treated hundreds of happy patients, here at Calabasas Dental Spa.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you are considering laser gum treatment, the first question you probably have is "Am I a candidate?" The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tania Baker at Calabasas Dental Spa today! During the consultation, Dr. Baker will evaluate your individual case and let you know if laser gum treatment is right for you.

If you are ready to get started with laser gum treatment, give Calabasas Dental Spa a call and get yourself on the road to excellent oral health.