Smile Bar

Let's be honest, who actually enjoys going to the dentist? Not many people associate a dental

visit with something to look forward to, but that's about to change.

Here at Calabasas Dental Spa, we've developed a brand-new concept to ensure that your visit

with us is an enjoyable experience, whether you're one of our valued patients or simply looking

to enhance your time here.

We're not talking about your typical dental visit or teeth cleaning; we're talking about a beauty

visit. Think of it as similar to Dry Bar, but for teeth whitening – it's a Smile Bar.

We understand that this concept might raise some eyebrows and elicit a few smirks, but allow

us to explain further.

A Smile Bar visit isn't a replacement for your regular dental health check-ups and teeth

cleanings; it's an addition to your dental care routine.

At the Smile Bar in Calabasas Dental Spa, our focus is on enhancing your smile, which we

believe is your best beauty asset polished, bright, and white teeth on the go. There are no

dental X-rays, scraping, pain, or discomfort involved; instead, it's a pleasant, affordable, and

quick visit.

When you leave our Smile Bar, you won't just be smiling; you'll be beaming and proudly

displaying your radiant smile to your world. So, whether you have an upcoming date or a crucial

job interview, treat yourself to some pampering and exponentially boost your confidence.

This is what we offer at the Smile Bar:

Teeth polishing and brightening to remove superficial coffee stains                 $99 /30 min visit

Teeth Whitening, quick, painless, and very affordable                                         $99/ 30 min visit

One visual exam a year, with us or your dentist if you have one                         $35/ no extra time

Teeth polishing with teeth whitening at the same visit                                       $179/  60 min

Teeth straightening (front teeth only), including 3D scan & retainer                     $3,499 /3 - 4 month

We also offer membership so that you can save even more. Join the club and get:  

Teeth polishing                                                                                                             $79/ 30 min visit

Teeth whitening                                                                                                            $79/ 30 min

• No membership fees

• Unlimited teeth polishing you can have as many as you want

• Unlimited teeth whitening you can have as many as you want

• Every other month, visits offer the best sustainable benefits 

• Credit card on file required.