laser dentistry

laser dentistry

Have you ever been uncomfortable or nervous at the dentist when you need a filling? Most of us dread the sound of the dental drill.  If this applies to you, consider Calabasas Dental Spa’s Laser Dentistry Treatment. We provide less invasive dental procedures utilizing our Waterlase Laser from Biolase, the most advanced technology to assure your comfort and well-being.

Our practice uses Waterlase Laser technology, a cutting-edge laser dentistry system that provides excellent results without invasive surgery or painful drills. The Waterlase Laser allows us to perform a wide range of treatments with less pain and faster healing times than traditional techniques. Our laser dentistry services include teeth whitening, cavity filling, gum reshaping, root canals, and removal of lesions or tumors.

The Waterlase Laser is an advanced tool that emits focused beams of light energy to treat dental problems without damaging the surrounding tissue. It also produces less heat, vibration, and pressure than other lasers used in dentistry. This makes it much more comfortable for patients and avoids unnecessary pain and trauma during treatment.

At Calabasas Dental Spa, our laser dentistry treatments are fast, efficient, safe, and effective. We use the latest technology to ensure we can provide our patients with a high level of care every time they visit us for treatment. Our team is committed to providing quality treatments that meet or exceed industry standards while still making sure the patient’s experience is as stress-free and painless as possible.

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