What is Holistic Dentistry?

What is Holistic Dentistry?

The simple definition of holistic means all-inclusive and relates to the parts of something that are ultimately interconnected. In medicine and in dentistry, holistic is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, considering not only physical, but also social and emotional factors; in other words, treating the whole person not just the symptoms of the disease.

Different people attach very different meanings to holistic depending on the level and depth of their understanding. For some, it’s simply the practice of not using mercury in dental fillings or using complicated protocols when removing them. For others, it’s the use of dental techniques and materials that have not been tested or approved for use by the medical establishment. And for many, it’s the practice of treating teeth, gums and other dental conditions in the light of how they impact a person’s whole body and overall health with emphasis on early diagnosis, education and prevention.

At Calabasas Dental Spa, we agree with the latter view. Holistic dentistry is the only approach to dentistry that is proactive in the education and the prevention of the dental disease first, and the treatment of the disease second.  It is an approach that acknowledges and treats the whole person…the mind, body, and spirit of the patient, not just “fixing” their teeth.

At Calabasas Dental Spa we believe that it is very important before starting any treatment, that the dentist should spend time with the patient to listen and have full understanding about their medical and dental history. It’s very important to know about every medical issue, medications, allergies, and sensitivities. The patient’s emotions, past experiences, and expectations.…everything is taken into consideration before starting any treatment. In addition to the understanding each patient’s complete medical history, we of course conduct a comprehensive dental evaluation. In addition to looking for cavities, gum disease, and other oral conditions, an experienced and caring dentist will perform oral cancer screening, will check for muscle abnormalities, the way the teeth come together (the bite), the joints and everything else…ie, the whole person!

Does Holistic Dentistry Embrace Technology?

Holistic dentistry conjures up the idea that every treatment must be organic, all-natural, herbal. That perception is perhaps driven by some practitioners’ marketing who are trying to differentiate their dental practice and are contributing to the misconception of what holistic dentistry is.

At Calabasas Dental Spa we believe that modern technology delivers many benefits that are consistent with the holistic approach. For example, technology provides substantially more accurate and early diagnoses of tooth decay, gum & oral tissue disease, bacteria related issues, bone loss, and more. Technology provides more precise fittings of fillings, crowns, bridges, etc. Technology enables us to offer same day diagnoses and treatment. And most of the time, technology provides for pain-free dentistry.

We are also not neglecting the aesthetic aspect because we believe that looking good is a part of feeling good.

At Calabasas Dental Spa, we embrace the notion that today’s best practices combine an ideology that is not just about taking care of the teeth, but instead recognizes that optimal oral health is part of an all-body, wellness treatment approach. And when implemented with the latest and the most effective technological tools, this process provides every patient with more effective treatments.

Calabasas Dental Spa was founded by and embraces the holistic and comprehensive dental philosophy of Dr. Tania Baker. With over 30 years of extensive medical training and experience, the practice delivers high-tech minimally invasive, biocompatible dentistry.